Glam Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you’ve read my review on the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette, then you’ll know that this palette can be used for a variety of looks. Which is why I will be doing this glam smokey eye makeup tutorial. I will make sure to list the materials you will need in addition to the steps. That way, anybody from a beginner to a makeup connoisseur can enjoy this look.

So let’s go ahead and get on with this Glam Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial!

List of Materials


  • BeautyBlender (or any other makeup sponge) x 1
  • Liquid foundation brush (optional) x 1
  • Concealer brush (optional) x 1
  •  Setting powder brushes x 2
  • Powder brush x 2
  • Contour brush x 1
  • Bronzer brush (optional) x 1
  • Highlighting brush x 1
  • Blush brush x 1
  • Flat shader brushes x 1-2
  • Fluffy blending brushes x 1-2
  • Smaller tapered blending brush x 1
  • Pencil brush x 1
  • Flat definer brushes x 2
  • Spooley brush x 1
  • Angled flat brush x 1
  • Tweezers x 1


  • Foundation (preferably light- to medium-coverage)
  • Concealer (a few shades lighter than your skin tone)
  • Translucent setting powder
  • Powder foundation (optional)
  • Contour palette/shade
  • Highlighter (preferably something that complements your skin tone, such as a white, gold, champagne, or bronze)
  • Blush (any color you want)
  • A white, beige, or creamy-colored shade
  • Champagne-y pink eyeshadow w/ white-ish gold reflect
  • 1 light, 1 medium, and 1 dark neutral brown shade
  • Natural Eyes palette by Too Faced (if possible, that’s why I listed the shades above)
  • Eyebrow pomade
  • Eyebrow gel
  • Setting spray
  • Finishing spray (optional)
  • Lipstick (optional)
  • Lip gloss (optional)
  • False eyelashes
  • Liquid eyeliner

Now that I have listed the materials, let’s go ahead and get started!

Glam Smoky Eye Tutorial

Step 1

Take one or two primers and apply them all over your face using your fingers. Wait until your skin feels tacky. For this look, I’ll personally be using the Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Primer Highlighter. Feel free to use whatever primer you currently have.

The Tin Man is QUAKING!!!!!

Step 2

Since I have a problem with acne, I’m going to do some color-correcting. I’m going to take the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in green and put it over any redness on my skin.

In other words, I’m blending that shit everywhere, because “acne” is my middle name.

Feel free to use a brush or a finger to blend out the product. I’m going to be doing the latter for this part of the tutorial.

Well shit, I started putting foundation on before the color corrector…

Step 3

With a damp BeautyBlender, pump  a little bit of your foundation on the round end and dab it onto your face. Make sure you’re really pressing the product into your skin. Dab until your foundation is completely devoid of any streaks.

If you don’t happen to have a BeautyBlender, feel free to use a makeup brush, like a flat top kabuki. Just make sure that you blend until you have as few streaks as possible. You can also use any other makeup sponge you have, as long as it’s damp. No matter what tool you have, the goal in this step is to blend until you look like a flat potato.

For this tutorial, I’ll be using the NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Siberia, because I’m a pale as hell potato.

JFC, why am I so ugly?

Step 4

For my personal preference, I like to focus on my brows at this point, because the foundation makes it easier for the product to glide onto my skin. I’m honestly still not the best at doing eyebrows, so I don’t think I can really explain how to do them.

HOWEVER, Mykie from Glam & Gore has a fantastic tutorial on how to do her eyebrows. This is a video I’ve used countless times as a reference for learning how to do my own eyebrows. So I’ll just go ahead and leave that video below so you all can check it out for yourselves.

You should also check out all her other videos, because she’s a much better artist who makes waaayyy better tutorials. Just sayin’. 

For me, I’ll be using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #14 along with their Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe. Then, using my Colourpop No Filter concealer in Fair and one of my flat definer brushes, I’ll carve out the shape of my eyebrows. Make sure to blend in the concealer so that it doesn’t look harsh.

Step 5

Now we’re going to go back to the face. Taking my other Colourpop No Filter concealer in Fair Neutral, I’m going to place it on the areas that I want to highlight. So I create an asterisk sign on my chin and forehead. Then I place a dot of concealer on my cupid’s bow. Next, I create a straight line down the bridge of my nose. For my forehead, I’m going to create the same asterisk sign I made on my chin. Finally, I’m applying concealer under my eyes in the shape of an upside-down triangle to cover my dark circles and brighten up my face.

Insert overused joke YouTube beauty gurus and their boyfriends make about the illuminati.

Once you’ve applied the concealer, blend it in with your BeautyBlender or makeup brush. Make sure to blend it until it doesn’t look patchy or harsh.

Step 6

Are you tired of people making fun of your for not knowing how to cook? Have you ever wanted to learn how to make delicious desserts? Well you’re in luck, because today we’re gonna learn how to bake our face!

Okay, I’m gonna apologize for that cringe-y joke. 

But in all seriousness, this is the part where I like to take my BeautyBlender, dip it into my Coty Airspun translucent loose setting powder, and stamp it over parts where I originally put my concealer. So that means I put it under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, the center of my forehead, my cupid’s bow, and my chin.

Now I usually go on and do the rest of my face while the powder is setting the concealer.

When the translucent powder matches your skin…

Step 7

I’m going to set the rest of my face, but instead of loose setting powder, I’m going to use a powder foundation. Taking the Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation and my Real Techniques Powder Brush, I’m going to pat and sweep the product on the areas that I’m not setting. I do this until those parts feel velvety smooth instead of moist.

I’m sorry for using that word.

Glam Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial
Will it be less unsettling if I put a GIF of Norman Reedus saying it?

Step 8

Now it’s time to contour.

So taking my Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette, I’m going to dip into the cool-toned brown shade on the bottom left. Using the angled side of the Shade & Light contour brush, I lightly sweep the product onto the hollows of my cheekbones.

One way to find the hollows of your cheeks is to suck in your cheeks and find the area right underneath your cheekbones. Or you can take a brush and place it straight across the top of your ear. From what I understand, your contour is supposed to start from the top of your ear to the middle of your pupil.

It is also important to blend your contour upward. I personally like to blend in upward circular motions. I do this until the contour doesn’t look harsh. But by all means, be as harsh as you want!

Step 9

Then I go ahead and contour under my chin. I do this because I like to reduce the size of my double-chin. However, as I’m applying contour right under my chin, I make sure to blend it down to my neck so that there isn’t a harsh brown patch. In other words, I don’t want to look like I face-dove into a pile of dirt. So make sure to blend your contour in until it looks like a natural shadow. Feel free to use your other clean powder brush to diminish the intensity of the contour.

Step 10

I’m also going to go ahead and contour my five-head. Because yeah, it is a five-head that I inherited from my father’s side of the family.


I usually start at the left or right corner of my forehead. I’m going to take the same Kat Von D Shade & Light contour brush and blend that same contour shade up into my hairline. I do this because I want it to look like there’s a natural shadow on my head. I also make sure to blend a little to the middle of my hairline, utilizing windshield wiper motions with my brush.

Again, if you find that the contour looks a little too harsh, take your second powder brush and blend in circular motions until the intensity is reduced. If that doesn’t work, take a little translucent powder and blend it over the area that looks too harsh.

I also take this time to clean up my cheek contour. I take my BeautyBlender, dab it into my setting powder, create a straight line starting from my ear to  a few inches before my chin, right below my contour.

Nose contouring is another makeup technique that I’m still trying to master. Right now, I just take a flat Lorac brush that I got along with a Lorac contour palette and use a small amount of the Kat Von D contour palette on the sides of my nose. If I find the nose contouring to be too harsh, then I just take some of the same translucent setting powder and an eyeshadow brush to diminish the harshness.

Step 11

This step isn’t really necessary, but I personally want to add some warmth to my face. Therefore, I will now bronze my face. Using my the fluffy end of the Shade & Light brush, I’m going to add some bronzer to my face. From what I’ve learned, sweeping bronzer in the shape of a three is the best way to apply bronzer. So that means the sides of your forehead, the temples, the hollows of your cheeks, and your jawline. Use whatever bronzer you have, but I will be using the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer.

As I’ve said in previous steps, if you find that you’ve applied too much product, blend it out with a powder brush, applying translucent setting powder if you find that to be necessary.

Step 12

Now I’m going to step back from the face and focus on my eyeshadow. I’m doing this because if there’s any fallout, the loose setting powder I’m using to bake will catch the fallout and be easier to sweep away.

Anyways, the most important part of doing your eyeshadow is making sure you had a good base set down. Feel free to use your favorite eyeshadow primer, but I personally like to use concealer.

So I’m going to take a Morphe G6 brush and apply concealer all over my eyes. The concealer I usually use to prime is either the Tarte Shape Tape or the Colourpop No Filter Concealer. I blend the concealer in until it looks smooth.

Step 13

To set the primer, I usually either brush some loose setting powder over my eyes  or stamp on a white eyeshadow on top of the concealer. I find that either method works fine, but because I really want the colors to pop, I’m going to utilize a white eyeshadow. With my Sugarpill Large Eyeshadow brush, I’m going to pat Sugarpill’s “Tako” eyeshadow from my lash line all the way up to my brow bone. I’ll know I’m done once my eyelids feel velvety smooth.

Step 14

Using the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette, I’m going to first find a good transition shade. For this look, I think the shade “Nudie” from the palette would be perfect to use. So with my Luxie 235 brush, I’m going to dab into the product a few times, tap off the excess, and put it in my crease. I make sure to be gentle when applying the eyeshadow, otherwise the eyeshadow might end up flying everywhere. I also switch between doing windshield wiper and small circular motions when blending the pigment.

Make sure to slowly build up the amount of pigmentation you want, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a raccoon. If you do find that you’ve used way too much pigment, take a clean fluffy blending brush and blend it out as much as you can. I believe taking a lighter eyeshadow and blending it in might help in reducing the harshness.

The point is, make sure you’ve blended your transition until there are no harsh lines.

Step 15

Taking my Sigma E45 brush, I’m going to dip into the shade called “Cashmere Bunny” a few times, and blend that halfway into my crease. I always make sure to start from the outer corner of my eyes and use gentle circular motions to blend.

The reason I use a smaller, tapered brush is because my eyes are small, so I find that using a smaller brush allows me to be more precise in placing the pigment where I want it to be most prominent. So if you have small or hooded eyes like myself, I would also recommend using a tapered blending brush.

The most important thing to remember about a smokey eye, or blending eyeshadow in general, is to be gentle and blend until there’s a smooth gradient going on with the shadows.

Step 16

With my Sigma E57 brush, I’m going to dip into the shade “Sexpresso” and pack it all over my eyelid. Make sure you’re using patting motions, otherwise the pigment won’t be as opaque. You’ll also get a ton of fallout if you try to use windshield wiper or circular motions to blend. Just pat the pigment down until it looks fully opaque. Feel free to go back into “Nudie” and blending out any harsh edges with a fluffy blending brush. So in this case, I’ll be taking a Sigma E40 brush and blend.

Step 17

Moving down to the lower lash line, I’m going to take my Sigma E15 brush and dip back into the shade “Nudie.” With this shade, I’m going to go all the way from the outer corner to the inner corner. I blend back and forth until there are no harsh edges.

Step 18

With that same flat definer brush, I’m going to dip back into “Cashmere Bunny” and apply it halfway across my lower lash line. This will create more dimension in my eye. If you find that the flat definer brush is making the eyeshadow too harsh, feel free to take a small tapered blending brush and gently sweep back and forth until it looks smooth.

Well, I guess the Beauty Face filter decided to give up on me.

Step 19

Take your black, brown, or nude pencil liner, and apply it in your top and bottom waterline. For this tutorial, I will be using the Kat Von D Basket Case Anti-Precision Eyeliner.

This part is a bit difficult, even for me, because my eyes are a bit sensitive. The only thing that I can suggest is to gently tug your eyelids with a dry makeup sponge (or q-tip) and just take it slowly, especially when working on the upper waterline. If you find that you’ve messed up, just take a q-tip and wipe away as much as you can.

Step 20

I’m going to dip back into the Natural Eyes palette and use the shade “Silk Teddy” as a highlight. So I’m going to take my Sigma E46 brush and apply the shade to my brow bone and inner corner.

One classic trick to make your shimmery eyeshadows really pop is to spray your brush with setting spray. I’ve heard that you can lick the brush before applying the pigment, but I like to keep things more… sanitary.

Step 21

For eyeliner, I’m going to use my Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in black and just stamp it as close to my lash line as possible. I’m making sure to go slowly while following the natural curve of my eyes. Since I do have a lot of skin and some wrinkles, I’m going to very gently tug on my eyebrow so that my eyelid looks smoother. This makes it easier for me to create a cohesive line with my eyeliner.

Step 22

Wipe away the translucent powder that you’ve been using to bake for the past thousand years. Hopefully you’ll wipe away any fallout from applying the eyeshadow.

Step 23

Apply your favorite mascara. For this tutorial, I will be using the Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real mascara.

What I’ve learned about applying mascara is that it’s always best to start with your bottom lashes. Just make sure wipe off any excess, and use slow, gentle back and forth motions when applying the product. just try to relax and do the best you can.

Once you’re done with that, move on to your top lashes. I make sure to get as close to the root of my lashes as possible without poking my eyes. I always try to do a slow curling motion with the mascara wand as I apply mascara from the root to the tip of my lashes.

In general, just make sure that you’re relaxed and not in a rush, because that’s usually what causes people to slip and get mascara everywhere.

Step 24

Now we’re going to go back to the face. And I’m so excited because this is one of my favorite parts of the makeup process.

Yep. We’re going to apply some motherfucking HIGHLIGHT.

Highlighting won’t necessarily make you look like Zendaya, but it sure will give you a glow that will make the sun jealous. I really need to stop trying to be funny.

In all seriousness, I’m going to be using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy highlighter for this part of the tutorial. I’m going to take my Sigma F03 brush and apply the product on the top of my cheekbones, my temples, above my eyebrows, my cupid’s bow, the bridge of my nose, the very tip of my nose, and my chin. Feel free to add as much highlight as you want, but make sure to take time and blend it in so that your highlights blends into your skin. Keep in mind that highlighter does tend to make skin texture stand out more, so the more highlighter you add, the more noticeable your texture might be.

Step 25

To add some more color to the cheeks, I’m going to add some blush. The blush I’ll be using for this tutorial will be the Jouer Cosmetics Blush Bouquet, Coquette edition. I’ll be taking the shade “Seduce Me,” and with my Real Techniques Blush Brush, I’ll be lightly tapping the product onto the apples of my cheeks and back to my temples. Once I think I’ve placed the blush in the right spot, I blend it back and forth using gentle, circular motions.

I find that applying blush after highlight makes the highlight look more natural. It’s a technique that I learned after watching a NikkieTutorials video.

Thank you, Holland, for blessing us with NikkieTutorials.


Step 26

The key to making all of these products blend together and last for a long time is setting and finishing spray. Someone on a Reddit thread said that setting spray is meant to melt all of your makeup into one cohesive layer, while finishing spray is meant to make your makeup last for a long time. I’m not sure how true that is, but so far, using both types of spray has worked well for my makeup.

I’m going to take my Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray and, while my eyes are closed, spray it all over my face and neck. I make sure to not squeeze my eyes shut, otherwise the mascara will get everywhere while it’s wet from the spray. Also make sure that your not making any facial expressions, otherwise any wrinkles you have might look more severe.

Then I stand I fan myself off or stand in front of a fan to cool and dry down the spray. Once the spray has dried down a little bit, I repeat the whole process with finishing spray. The only finishing spray I use is from a brand called Skindinavia. Again, make sure to not clench your eyes closed and to not do any facial expressions.

Once you’ve let your finishing spray dry down, all of your makeup should look really blended and natural.

Step 27

False eyelashes, to me, are the keys to really bringing a look together. Seriously, my life changed when I learned how to apply fake eyelashes. So for the penultimate step, I’m going to take the Huda Beauty Classic False Eyelashes in “Sasha” and apply them to my eyes using my Tweezerman tweezers. I find that having a good set of tweezers can make all the difference when applying false eyelashes. But of course there are some additional steps to do before applying them.

First, measure them against your natural lashes and cut off any excess. The excess should be cut off from the outer edge of the lashes. Once you’ve cut the lashes to your desired length, you might want to bend the lash band a little bit so that it becomes more flexible. Then take your eyelash glue and apply it to the band and wait until the glue has a clear color. Take your tweezers, gently gasp onto the lashes, and apply them while your eye is slightly lowered. Place the lashes about an inch above your natural lash line and adjust the falsies to where they feel most comfortable.

After letting the falsies dry down for a few seconds, take your mascara and blend your natural lashes with the falsies.

Step 28

Whenever I need to make the falsies look more “natural,” I take my liquid eyeliner and draw around the band. That way the band of the falsies blends in with the eyeliner.

Step 29

For this final step, I’m going to be using the Fenty Beauty Universal Lip Luminzer in “Gloss Bomb” on my lips. If you’ve read my January Favorites post, you’ll know how much I absolutely love this lip gloss. You don’t have to use this particular gloss, or any lip gloss really. If you are going to be using a lipstick, however, I would suggest using a nude, coral, pink, or red. But feel free to be as bold and dramatic as you want.

That concludes this glam smokey eye makeup tutorial!

I know that there are a lot of steps, but I did that to try and make this as easy and understandable as possible. If there’s anything about the tutorial you want more clarification on, feel free to let me know in the comments. Hell, if you want me to do a video tutorial of this look, let me know as well.

In the meantime, if you could share this post with your friends, I would really appreciate it. And if you want to keep in touch, you can check me out at my various social media accounts which you can find on the homepage.

So today, I want to ask: when was the first time you ever played with makeup? What was the very first look you tried to recreate? Comment your answers down below!

Thank your for checking out my site today, it means the world to me!

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