April Beauty Favorites 2018

April has been lovely. To sum up this April Beauty Favorites 2018 post, this month has been another one full of experimentation. Only this time, I’ve focused more on makeup instead of skincare. This is probably why I’ve been more inspired than I have in some time. By focusing more on makeup, I feel that I am slowly improving on my technique in terms of application as well as use of colors. Bottom line: as good as it is to take care of one’s skin, it’s always important to take some time doing what you’re most passionate about. That way, each day becomes a new opportunity to learn and have fun.

Jesus Christ on a bike, did I seriously just type all of that? Well, I hope me being cheesy hasn’t made you lactose-intolerant. 

Let’s get on with this shit, shall we?

As usual, I’m not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. I’m also listing the prices as they are shown at the time I’ve written this post. Shipping is not included. Do I really have to keep mentioning this?


As I’ve said, skincare wasn’t the main focus throughout April. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t completely forsaken skincare from my daily life. However, skincare, in my opinion, leaves little room for creativity and imagination. It also doesn’t seem to require much technique. With that being said, I have found some tools that I’ve come to really enjoy and incorporate into my daily routine. Some are inexpensive, some are… well, you’ll find out soon enough.

LypSyl Intense Protection Original Mint Lip Balm

I actually came across this product when watching Drac Makens’ lip care routine video. After seeing the price point, I can see why she’s a huge fan of this product.

This lip balm feels so nice and slick on the lips, but not to a point where you feel like your lips are covered in oil. It especially feels amazing after exfoliating my lips with a lip scrub. It also doesn’t require you to apply much product in order for it to work. With just a few swipes on my lips, my lips feel buttery smooth.

Since it’s six dollars, I’d say that this is a good product to check out, especially if you’re having trouble finding a decent lip balm. You can purchase it off of Amazon.

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Mist

Did you expect me to make another post without mentioning a Korean beauty product? THINK AGAIN, FOOLS. In all seriousness, as much as I’ve loved the Essence by Tatcha, that shit’s expensive. Like, REALLY EXPENSIVE. So, since I’ve accepted the fact that I’m poor as hell, I wanted to see if I could find a sufficient dupe.

Thankfully, Soko Glam came through and had this spray essence on their site.

This essence feels very refreshing on my skin and leaves my skin glowing. But honestly, I just love that I can just live my YouTube beauty-guru fantasies and spray this all over my face to the point where it’s unnecessarily drenched.

But the best part is the price. At twenty- to thirty-five bucks (depending on the size), I don’t have to sell my ovaries to be able to pay for it.

So if you just like spraying stuff all over your face, or are looking for a less expensive version of Tatcha’s The Essence, then I’d recommend checking out the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Spray. You can purchase it off of Soko Glam.

50 ml = $20; 120 ml = $35

Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer

This wouldn’t be a Beauty Favorites post without mentioning at least one moisturizer, right?

This moisturizer feels so good on my skin. It feels so refreshing and leaves my skin with a dewy finish. Plus my pores never feel like they’re being clogged, no matter how much I apply to my face and neck. Oh, and it smells absolutely AMAZING! I think at this point in my life I would love to just bathe in watermelon. That’s totally normal, right?

April Beauty Favorites 2018

It costs about thirty-nine dollars, which is a little bit pricey. However, if you do have the money for it and are looking for a good moisturizer to use in the summer, then I’d recommend checking this one out. You can purchase it at Sephora.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

If you read my second beauty favorites post, you’d know that Key from SHINee was the one who inspired me to check out Etude House’s line of Wonder Pore products. This time, I decided to try out the toner.

Although this toner has alcohol in it, it doesn’t seem to carry a strong scent. It feels very refreshing on my skin and doesn’t seem to irritate my skin at all. Once again, I find myself indebted to Mr. Key.

I still can’t believe how perfect his skin is. Has he never had a pimple in his life???

What’s also nice is that the five-hundred milliliter version only cost me seventeen dollars and twenty-nine cents. However, I don’t believe that particular version is being sold on Amazon anymore. But you can buy it for eighteen dollars off of Etude House’s official site. If you don’t feel like buying it off of there, you can always get the two-hundred and fifty milliliter version off of Amazon for eleven dollars and seventy cents.


As I said in the beginning of this post, I have been focused more on makeup lately. Well, eyeshadow, to be honest, because eyeshadow is perhaps my favorite kind of makeup product. Applying eyeshadow to my eyes is probably my favorite part of the entire makeup process. I also have a shit ton of eyeshadow palettes, so I figured it would be a good idea to whip some out and see how well they work. I’m probably going to mostly focus on them for the next post, but for now, here are some palettes that I’ve really enjoyed.

Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Palette

This palette is EVERYTHING.


It’s pigmented as hell, the colors are bold and vibrant, and it’s by a B.O.M.B. (Black Owned Makeup Brand). I also just absolutely ADORE the artwork on this palette. But the perhaps the best part is that you get incredible pigmentation for an affordable price.

Me: This palette is so pigmented!
Manny MUA: *jumps through the window* SO PIGMENTED!!!

You can get this palette for twenty five to twenty eight dollars, depending on which size you buy. It is available now on the official site for Juvia’s Place.

Mini = $25; Large = $28

Lorac Los Angeles Mega Pro 4 Palette

This palette is special to me, because it was a graduation present given to me by my sister. I heard of how great Lorac’s eyeshadows are, so when I received this palette, I was ecstatic to try it out.

In case my listing of it wasn’t enough of an indicator, I really do enjoy this palette. I haven’t been able to use all of the colors just yet, but based on what I have used so far, this palette packs a lot of great pigmentation. Seriously, I don’t think I have ever used a palette that could provide so much pigmentation in just one little dab. It’s absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to come up with more looks. Unfortunately, I think that this is limited edition, so I am not sure how much longer Lorac is going to be selling it in stores.

It really isn’t…

It was originally sold for fifty-nine dollars, but it is now being sold for thirty-five on
Lorac’s official site. So if I were you, I would definitely go ahead and take advantage of this deal before it gets taken off the shelves permanently.

Black Moon Cosmetics Orb of Light Full Moon Palette

I’m going to be honest: when I first saw this palette, I wasn’t excited. I expected Black Moon Cosmetics to go with more metallic, iridescent, yet vampy eyeshadows. However, I quickly decided to purchase it anyway. Ever since trying it out, I have fallen in love.


First of all, I feel like Black Moon Cosmetics is doing a phenomenal job with packaging their products. There’s no palette out there (that I know of) which looks like the shape of a moon. In terms of the eyeshadows, at first I thought they were a bit ugly, but they have really grown on me. They can be used to create really edgy, gothic, dark, sexy, vampy looks. Oh, and it also came with a brush that I now love to use for highlighting, so that was an added bonus.

If you’re someone who is looking for something different and unique, then I would definitely recommend checking out this palette. It retails for forty-eight dollars and can be purchased off of Black Moon Cosmetics’ official site.

Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Highlighter Palette

Good lord, this palette is BEAUTIFUL!

Please excuse the little blade of grass. I’m the worst at taking pictures.

At first I was a little put off by the cream highlighter, since I haven’t had much experience with them, but I find that it’s really nice to wear by itself on my bare skin, as well as a base for the other three shades. But all the shades work well by themselves. Even though this palette is supposedly meant to be worn during the winter, I think that these shades can look very flattering during spring or summer.

This item is also limited edition and is currently being sold for forty-five dollars. You can purchase it off of Sephora, for the time being.

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in “Over The Moon”

This highlighter is quite interesting.

I say this because most highlighters I’ve used are either a cream or a powder. But with the Super Shock Highlighter, it somehow feels like a combination of both? Upon touching this highlighter, it feels squishy like a gel, but dries down like a powder? I think that Colourpop’s site describes it in the best way, saying that it has a “bouncy texture.” But in terms of the actual shade, “Over The Moon” is a beautiful glittery shade that looks beautiful when in the sunlight. The formula is also very buildable.

I don’t know.

But the best part of this product (and all other Colourpop products), is that it’s extremely affordable at only eight dollars. So if you’re on a tight budget and are looking for a unique highlighter, then I’d recommend checking out Colourpop’s “Over The Moon,” as well as any of the other Super Shock Highlighters. It’s available on Colourpop’s official site.

That concludes my April Beauty Favorites 2018 post!

As I’ve said before, I know that I’ve spent the majority of this post talking about makeup. Honestly, that’s probably how May is going to turn out. Again, it’s not that I hate skincare, I just want to get enough good use out of these skincare items by putting them through a daily routine. That means I will probably be using the same products until they run out. Also, skincare is expensive as fuck.

So I apologize to those who read these posts for all the information on new skincare items I’ve found. But honestly, I feel really happy about where I’m at right now. I’m getting better at applying eyeshadows and I’m excited to try out more advanced techniques.

With that being said, here’s my question for this post: how do you inspire yourself whenever you find yourself in a creative rut? Please leave your answers in the comments section below!

Also, please share this post with your friends, because any support would mean the world to me! Feel free to follow me on social media, which should be linked on the homepage. Lastly, check out my other work and let me know what you think!

I look forward to having you here again next time!

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